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Teeth Whitening Near Me, Litchfield Park

Your smile is your most distinct feature when interacting with people. But over time with aging, the use of tobacco products, drinking colored beverages like wine and coffee, using some spices, taking antibiotics like tetracycline, consuming excess fluoride in water, and other factors can cause your teeth to discolor or darken, affecting the appearance of your smile. 

Fortunately, patients above the age of 10 years can consider the different methods of teeth whitening for their permanent teeth. Your dentist will determine whether your teeth are healthy enough to have a successful whitening procedure. There are some stains, such as those caused by tooth developmental conditions or medications that cannot be completely removed with whitening. Any dental restorations, including fillings and crowns, also do not respond to bleaching. To create uniformity in your smile, your dentist can recommend several alternatives or complementary teeth whitening options. 

When is Whitening Not Advisable?

If your tooth enamel is damaged and you are already sensitive to cold and hot foods and drinks, then bleaching or any other whitening procedure may aggravate your sensitivity. That said, there are lower strength whitening treatments that can be recommended to people with worn/eroded enamel or tooth sensitivity. The treatments can also be used less frequently to reduce sensitivity. In addition, your dentist can recommend a way to reduce sensitivity after the whitening procedure. 

Keep in mind that, there are many different whitening options for different teeth requirements, including those with very thin enamel. It is essential that you follow your dentist’s instructions for your specific treatment. 

Final Note 

Although teeth whitening leaves your teeth looking impeccably white, the longevity of the results will depend on your diet and habits. The amount of time that you can enjoy your sparkling smile depends on multiple factors. If you drink tea, coffee, wine, or use tobacco products, your teeth will stain again sooner, and you will need more subsequent whitening procedures.  

Please contact your dentist to discuss ways to improve your smile with teeth whitening.