The Dr. Mar difference:
When it comes to dental restorative methods most dental practices have the patients come in several times to complete the placement of your crown, onlay or veneer.  At Dr. Mar’s office the entire procedure typically can be done in one appointment, thanks to the E4D Dental System.  This state-of the-art equipment is on-site at Dr. Mar’s office and is able to accurately produce and create any restoration product product you need.  For you, the patient, that means fewer injections, less drilling, and less time away from doing the thing you need to do in your hectic schedule.  At Dr. Mar’s office, we are respectful of your time and know how valuable it is so we’d like to save you that second trip to the dentist.

The Best in Science, Technology and Material:

In addition to E4D tooth restoration being convenient, did you know it’s also healthy?  Just a few decades away, dentists had very few options to repair decayed and damaged teeth and  used amalgam, gold and other metals.  With Dr. Mar having E4D on site at his office, he and his team are able to use strong, tooth colored ceramic materials to provide your teeth to their natural strength and function giving you that bright, youthful, radiant smile.  These materials closely mimic the composition of your own natural tooth structure.  What does this mean to you as the patient?  This means you can eat hot food and then drink something cold just as if it were your real teeth.  Materials made with the E4D at Dr. Mar’s office will have your restoration expanding and contracting at the same rate as your real teeth; that means your tooth will not crack.  The materials are chemically bonded to your own tooth so Dr. Mar doesn’t have to grind away at your old tooth, the way “old dentistry” used to be.  Instead, Dr. Mar is able to save as much of your original tooth as possible, for a less invasive, less painful, less downtime experience with a dental restoration that actually strengthens your own tooth.

Dr. Mar can use E4D for more than just crowns and fillings but can produce any single tooth restoration.  From restoring chipped to discolored front teeth, to providing porcelain anterior crowns and veneers, Dr. Mar equipped with the E4D at his office, can offer you the unsurpassed quality patient care you deserve.  With the very best in science and technology in E4D, along with the skilled dental training of Dr. Mar, our patients are guaranteed to walk away with a smile that will leave a lasting first impression.

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